Burke Society


In 1946, its first year, the Burke Fund awarded two scholarships totaling $500. Since, more than $3,000,000 have been awarded to Burke Scholars.  This notable level of financial aid would no doubt be inconceivable to the group of eight gentlemen who believed deeply in the importance of making a college education a reality and in a shared responsibility of financial support.

Although much has changed in the golf since 1946, the game remains a sport deep in traditions. One tradition that has not changed is the game’s spirit of charitable support. There is no better example than the Burke Society, which is dedicated to the vision and the determination of those eight gentlemen.

If you believe in the value of education and in golf’s tradition of support, please consider joining others who have stepped forward as a Burke Society Member in this task. Share in continuing the legacy of those who launched the Burke Fund.

Become a member today and you will become a part of the legacy of the Burke Fund founders and help to bring a college education within reach of exceptional young people.

To join the Burke Society, contact the Burke Fund at (401) 272-1350 or [email protected].